Friday, September 26, 2014

Uncanny Updates: Jennifer E. Smith and Lissa Price PH!!

It's been almost one whole week since this event. I've got two-fifths of my mug filled with cold coffee, and Ribs by Lorde playing, so yes! Recap time! 
[Photo credits to Charm and National Bookstore!!]

We arrived somewhat early, around 6:45. And of course, we chatted with friends and played games and talked and talked and talked! It wasn't boring because we were able to catch up with each other!

They opened the entrance to SM Aura at around 9 or 10. We registered (which was a BIT delayed, because at first, only one laptop worked, and the others had to register manually via pen and paper haha) then took our seats, but of course, the photo-ops!!!

We ate brunch too, and after that, we waited, chatted some more, and the authors arrived! We were so psyched and excited. Jennifer and Lissa both talked about what inspired them to write, and if there are any plans for writing any book in the future. Well, this is just the shortened version of this rad event, but yes. I enjoyed myself very much!

Then the signing proper commenced. haha

I got number 11, which is definitely NOT bad, and it was pretty organized. One thing though, the lighting's a bit off, hahaha. I exchanged some conversation with Jennifer and Lissa. In fact, Lissa and I kinda talked about Battle Royale for a while. I also mentioned how cute Jen looked, because it was true!!!!

And then they gave swag!!! And I loved the fact that there was so many!! :)

For the swag, I got:
A Starters/Enders bookmark
An Enders sticker
An Enders button,
and a The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight postcard. (which I really adore)

I was so happy. hahaha

Kudos to NBS for another organized and fun event!!!!!

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