Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Uncanny Updates: The Claudia Gray and Madeleine Roux Recap!

As you probably know, last October 18 (Saturday), NBS Glorietta held the event for Claudia Gray and Madeleine Roux here in Manila. And being a reader of their fabulous works, I made sure to be there!!!

I got there some time after 4:30 in the morning, because I had to attend a party in the afternoon (which was also a blast). I got the 4th spot. Being early in the signing meant being able to leave early too, so yeah.

As usual, our Peculiar Family got together when we came, and chatted, and caught up with each other. It was quite comforting to see them again after a month!!

When we got inside, we immediately took the opportunity to relax a bit, and take some pictures. 

We also ate early, in order to make signs and banners! The banners we made were a tad bit funny!

This sign was only one of the numerous ones we made. I even made a Doctor Who one! It had catch-phrases from the Doctors (and River), and both authors graciously noticed them! I am eternally grateful haha.

An event wouldn't be complete without a family picture!

As our tradition, we made a dedication ''board'' for the authors.

After a while, the hosts entered the stage, and the crowd cheered and shouted, because we knew that the authors were already there!

After settling down, the interview session began.

The authors talked about getting published, and tips for authors, their inspirations in writing, and other things. They were both witty and funny, and I really loved them!

The signing proper came next. I was fourth, so it progressed easily for me.

I don't really learn from past experiences. I still carried so many books by hand!! In the end I asked one of the staff to help me.

Both authors were so nice, and I got the chance to converse with them. 

I asked Madeleine Roux who her favorite Game of Thrones character was (she was wearing House Baratheon then), and she said she loved them all, but her favorites were people like Oberyn (I love him too!). In my case, it's the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys, but I explained that it's more on the lighter side, because, you know, House Targaryen is a tad bit incestuous!

On the other hand, I asked Claudia Gray who her favorite Doctor was. And we actually agree about Matt Smith and Tom Baker (who's SO eccentric) and others!!!! She also said that my name (Raphael) was cool, and I was really touched.

They gave some AWESOME swag too!!!

These are the swag that Claudia Gray gave. The bookmark + promo card are soooooo pretty! I wasn't able to get a Steadfast bookmark and an ATPOY sticker because I gave them to my friend. But they were gorgeous as well.

This is the promotional card Madeleine Roux gave. It's so creepy!!! I love it.

Well that's about it. Next month, Marie Lu is coming!!
Til next time,

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