Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Uncanny Updates: The Jenny Han event recap!!!

HELLO!!!!!! Guess what? Another book signing!

This event would be my SECOND book signing to participate in.
And I was thrilled!!

So I woke up at roughly 4:30 AM, got ready and all, with my little moss-green gift bag for Miss Jenny Han!

I planned to arrive at the venue at 6 AM, and I did.... sort of.

It was a very long wait, and my friends and I were just sitting and chatting in some "cafe's" seats, while waiting for the doors to open.

We got in at about 11 or so, ate lunch, and waited and waited and waited.

After a while, the crowd increased and we were crowded in the small space.

Out of boredom, we decided to make a banner for one of the pairings in her books.


Wait, I might have forgotten something. Oh! The author :O

Yes. The author who came to the Philippines not long ago is none other than Jenny Han! 

She is known for the Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy, the Burn for Burn trilogy (SHE GAVE AWAY ARCS OF ASHES TO ASHES ASDJHAB) and her latest book To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

They were contemporaries, and that made me queasy or somewhat uncomfortable in the beginning, but I read her books, and they're quite good. (Did reviews for TATBILB and Burn for Burn)

There was also an interview with her, and the management let some people ask her questions (which was... nice, I guess?) 


Aside from the Advanced Reading Copies of Ashes to Ashes, Miss Han also gave away book plates, pens, notebooks, etc... to some people (huhuhu I guess I have to be there earlier) and I think that it's a nice thing to do - interact with the readers/fans. Because it's not often you see author's retweeting pictures during the event, or giving away freebies like that. And I appreciate her for that. Kudos!

The event in its entirety was tiring, because we arrived there so early. But in the end, I got six books signed and I was happy!

Her works (goodreads)


  1. Aww, too bad I couldn't make it. See you on Sunday! :)