Monday, May 19, 2014

Uncanny Update : Scan ARC to be given away

I was groggily surfing the internet, at a time like 11:30 PM or so, and I saw the link of the blog of a fellow Filipino on our Peculiar group. Being a "new-Blogger" myself, I checked it out, and scrolled down and down, until I saw this particular post.

I clicked through it, and little did I know, someone was giving away an ARC! I wasn't familiar with arcs back then, but now, every time I see someone do a giveaway or a review of an "advanced reading copy", AKA arc, I get excited. Those copies weren't released to the public market yet, so it was really engaging.

According to themidnightgarden, Scan is a SciFi thriller, and if you know me, I adore SciFi and Thriller literature. Put them together? Magic.

It is also co-written by Sarah Fine, and from what I've been hearing, I think she's really amazing.

The giveaway itself requires you to do some very simple rafflecopter steps, and it will be finished after 3 weeks.  I wish everyone participating good luck!


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