Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I'm back from the grave!!

Hey lovelies! Finally. After an eternity of waiting (yes, I have waited that long). I'm finally back!! Okay. So this post will be explaining to you what transpired during my awfully long hiatus!

Oh wait. Before anything else:

There, my friends!
This is the mark of my LONG explanation!

1) Travel. 

You guys probably know this, but I've recently went to Japan for a week (approx.) because of the cultural exchange program. We had so much fun! I've met so many good people, whom I was able to relate with. We went to many places, ate authentic Japanese food, et cetera.The fun I had, not as a TOURIST, was so unfathomable! We had a takoyaki party in the condo unit I stayed at, and a lunch party at the Chiba-YMCA office! It was so fun! I was also able to go to an onsen (hot spring bath)!!! They also commended my Nihongo even if I'm not fluent! I was so moved to be honest. Here's "some" pictures!!!
NARITA--Narita's airport had everything tbh.
A MALL, plus free, fast WIFI!!!!
This was taken when we went to the Skytree Tower in Tokyo!!
ASAKUSA--Dream come true! It really was gorgeous, and here
we have my awesome friends!!
We attended a freaking CITY ASSEMBLY in Chiba! As in.
I was mindblown. Soooooo formal!! I feel so privileged haha!
Blurry picture, but this is actually a HUGE STATUE in Diver City!
We were joking that it would "move" at midnight haha!
So cool! This was taken when we went to Katsuura for a Dolls'
This is me with SAKURA!!!!

2) School!!

Yeah, school. The school year just ended last week and I'm still suffering (greatly) from sepanx, which is a contraction for "Separation Anxiety". It's just that the class I was in was so influential to me. We've been through all kinds of stuff, and they're like family to me. Much more, the graduates from a certain section, which is Hydrogen 4 (dubbed HIV) became close to our hearts, that's why the "sepanx" haha.
My beloved Curie-9 family. UGH SEPANX!

3) Personal reasons....

Okay. So first, I pondered upon the thought "Should I still continue [blogging]?" and I got a bipolar answer from my brain. Don't be scared though, I decided to continue! It's just that I got a little confused with the fact that I've lived my life GOOD recently (as in productive), as well as scared and intimidated by blogging itself, because of the labor it costed, plus the drama the other side of the blogoverse had. That's all behind me now though, I'm back! :)

Another thing is my current emotional + psychological state. If you've visited my Tumblr before, you'd know. If that's not the case, do so by clicking [WARNING: I use some cuss words in this tumblr account and I'm revealing a huge part of myself in the process. Please. Keep quiet? :)]  HERE  to find out. I don't normally discuss it with people, but it's alright to do so with you guys if you keep quiet about it. If you don't keep quiet about it......... well........... haha. No questions regarding what you find on that Tumblr account will be answered publicly. I'm willing to share though, so no worries!

P.S. I'm apologizing in advance if ever any of you peeps realize that I'm messed up. Hahahaha! Happy reading!


  1. Hahah no worries, we are all messed up. xD Everyone are allowed to vent.
    Anyway, takoyaki is so good, isn't it! I swear I can eat 2 dozens of it and more! :D It's so fun that you get to travel to Japan! I've never been there. :( I will love to, one day.

    1. Yes it is!! Funny thing is, since it was a takoyaki party, they let me cook some!!! It was so fun!! ahahaha :) + you should definitely try to fly there some time!! LEGIT TAKOYAKI DUDE! As in ENORMOUS OCTOPUS! Soooooooo oishi!

  2. Blogging can be intimidating and overwhelming at times, but it'll pass. Just enjoy whatever you're doing. And live life! :)