Friday, February 20, 2015

I've Been Gone?!

Hey guys! In this post, I'll be BRIEFLY talking about why I've been gone for the past weeks!

It's not corny or dramatic or cheesy in any way, so please. Spare the tears.

There are two primary reasons:
a) School's being an ass.
b) I'm gonna travel!

Yeah. School. I know, most of us have the same excuses. But as for me, school's been hard lately, because I had to train for a Reading Proficiency Contest for a week, and in line with that (hoorah. NOT) I had to catch up on ONE WHOLE WEEK of schoolwork. Activities, quizzes, the sort. So yeah, I'm still recovering!!

The other reason is that.... *drum roll* I'm going to Japan next week!!
I've been delegated to participate in the Chiba-QC YMCA Cultural Exchange Program!! That's nine whole days of Japanese food, culture, and friends! So yeah, I'm preparing for it right now, and that's one of the reasons why I've been somehow inactive recently. And I'll need to catch up (YET AGAIN) on more than a week of schoolwork. Actually, I think when I return, the periodicals are gonna be administered already?? Another burden I have to carry!! (Plus, I won't be able to attend our prom this year. SAD)

Please bear with me, and my TEMPORARY hiatus. I will return as soon as possible, which is SOON. Thanks lovelies!


  1. Japan!! OMG I'm glad it's because I'm taking Japanese in school right now and I just love the language and the culture. U must come back with pictures and things to share with us lol! We would love to see where you were and everything (wait that sounds stalkerish) xD

    Anyways Have fun!

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. Sorry for the awfully late reply!! OMG! SO COOL! I WANT TO STUDY NIHONGO TOO! Like, I've told my Japanese friends that I'll be studying there soon, so I must not disappoint......? hahahaha! :)
      Nah, it's not stalkerish!!


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