Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I'M BACK!!! (And also, a fun announcement)

Hi! After a VERY long while, I'm able to post again! Terribly sorry for this hiatus. But I'm here, and I'm not going anywhere (for the meantime)! This post will entail whatever reason/s I may have for succumbing to a hiatus, as well as a very fun announcement for a very fun something!

My Hiatus!

Here's my story.

June 13 marked the first day of school for us 11th Graders at Quezon City Science High School. Everything was so new to us. New teachers, new faces (from 39 to 49), new environment, same old habits. The lectures smacked us with rapid speed. Teaching styles being so foreign to us, who were spoonfed with easy problems back in the olden days. I guess xenophobia was an inherent trait that our entire class possessed, and we’re currently breaking that barrier. Adjustment to this new world is hard, but we’re getting there. I wasn’t able to manage my time before, because I was busy practicing for math problems, or prioritizing being social with friends and whatnot. Dust collected along the surfaces of my shelves as I struggled to breathe for time. 

The bookish world further receded from my affixed schedule due to my appointment as a board member for our school’s Commission on Elections (one of the most legit school orgs out there, I attest!), with the election day on July 20th approaching us faster than a Golden Snitch. Everything became—is still becoming—so hectic. Papers to file, files to keep. 

Perhaps the biggest, most shameful reason for my hiatus is that during the Summer, due to busy schedules, my interest in books suddenly vanished. For only a little while, yes, but at a certain point I just couldn’t imagine myself picking up a book anymore. It’s strange, and I’m weirded out by it, but I guess it’s just because of my world spinning in directions I don’t know at that time. Since I was also caught up in a maelstrom of crises about my future, my supposed Oxford trip, and many others. A dark time, indeed.

There are probably many other reasons as to why I kinda disappeared from the community for a while, but these reasons are perhaps the greatest/most significant ones. I hope I can catch up in making more content, possibly more blog collabs, more reviews for sure, and others! A good point to note is that I'll be making some subtle changes around the layout (really subtle changes), so yeah! I'm regaining my pace, and I've never been so glad!

A very fun thing on Saturday...

Even though I wasn't that active during the Summer, I was still able to be in cahoots with some of my blogger friends about something that we've done before (I only joined as a lonely attendee then), and we're pretty excited to hold it again. I'm pretty sure some of you have already seen promotional posters regarding this over social media, but what the heck!

Come and join us for a very fun day filled with bookish awesomeness, and lovely people! Of course, anyone is invited! We aim to spread the love for books - may it be for bloggers, readers, reviewers, really, anyone! The event will be held this Saturday, July 9, at Tweedle Book Cafe (106B Sct. Gandia, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila) from 1:00 - 4:00 in the afternoon! Kindly fill out THIS form and go to this Facebook page. Also be reminded to prepare 250 pesos for snacks and drinks! I really hope to see you there.

Last year's Book Worms Unite was immensely fun for me, and I didn't leave Books and Borders (last year's venue) without a smile on my face! Well..... I also left the cafe with several books in my bag..... so. I also bonded with bookish friends old and new. SO MUCH FUN!

Speaking of which, here's a little teaser for what possible prizes could be up for grabs on Saturday. (c) JM from Bookfreak Revelations!

P.S. Don't forget to use the hashtag #BookWormsUnitePH! 

That's all for this post! I really do hope I can meet you guys on Saturday! Stay tuned!


  1. Hey ! I can totally understand what you mean ! I, myself, have been very busy and I didn't have time to deal with my blog! Life's just like that ^^
    I wrote a post about my comeback to blogging too ^^
    Followed you on bloglovin :)
    "Book Addict"

    1. Yes! Sometimes it gets hard :(

      Thank you! Followed you back! :)

  2. I might be on a hiatus as well this coming August, it's my last year in college so things will get a little bit busy for me. Wish you all the best with school and your reading schedule hehehe. Btw WELCOME BACK!

    1. Wishing you the same "best" with your academic endeavors! And thank you!