Friday, May 6, 2016

The Pinoy Food Book Tag! A COLLABORATION

Hey! Today I've got something exciting! So.... Here in the Philippines we have interesting palates that always crave for those nostalgic, often very flavorful food that we've known since we were babes. And so I (or we) thought "Why not make a book tag out of this?" And here it is! What's more, this is an exciting COLLAB post with my friend Matt from Reading with Luigi! Basically, we exchanged answers and decided to post each other's responses on our blogs. So what you'll be seeing today will be MATT'S answers! Check out MY answers HERE!

1. SINIGANG. A sour soup usually cooked with pork, beef, or fish. Name a character with a "sour" and vile nature.

The perfect character for this question is Adelina Amouteru from The Young Elites trilogy. She is just naturally very dark. Her powers after all feed from fear which she must obtain from others. How do you obtain fear? Make your opponents fear you. Basically, she is very dark and kind-of evil. Just read the parts on how she kills right? Although she has a vile nature, she also has good thoughts. But unfortunately, most of those thoughts remain in her head. She acts more of evil than what she thinks. I was going to say the Darkling for this question, but we saw him being good at the first part and at some point in The Grisha Trilogy, so nah.

2. CHOPSUEY. Stir-fried vegetables. Name a book which takes place in the farmlands.

I don't think that I've read a book that mainly took place in a farmland but I am gonna go with Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo just because I recalled that Mal and Aline sorta lived in a village full of trees? Do I make sense? Probably not, but please bear with me on this one. Haha!

3. DINUGUAN. A stew made from pig's blood and innards. Name a character with a major bloodlust/thirst to kill.

Another The Young Elites reference for this one, people! For this, I am gonna go with Teren Santoro. Do you really have to ask? He practically betrayed *some people that he actually loves* just to be able to kill Malfettos. I mean, who likes that guy? Well, I don't. He just has this very natural urge to kill without being guilty about it. It's kind of annoying on how great he believes that the fact killing Malfettos is good.

4. TORTA. A viand made of beef, eggs, and other ingredients, which are then cooked like pancakes. Name a FLAT character - one who doesn't undergo major character development.

I honestly don't have an answer for this one, because I think that when a character doesn't change he/she becomes worse? So technically, he/she changed. Also, knowing myself, I probably would not finish a book if the main character is a flat character. But, the first person that came to my mind is Mare Barrow from the Red Queen series. She was just so selfish and full of herself throughout the second book, Glass Sword.

5. SISIG. A combination of pig's face, ear, and meat with chili, onions, and chicharon. Usually served on a sizzling plate. Name a character who has serious anger issues.

My answer for this question is a little bit not the most perfect answer, I am going for Matthias from Six of Crows. Just because he took a lot of time and a lot of anger before he breaked down and accepted the situation in a scene in the book. He also took a lot of time for his anger to a certain character be gone. He basically needs to chill. Haha!

6. ADOBO. A staple in Filipino cuisine, uses the "adobo" sauce, made of soy sauce and vinegar. Name a couple who are enemies-turned-lovers (like toyo and suka)

I think that the perfect and most heartbreaking answer to this question is June and Day from the Legend trilogy. I mean, right? They were in a government versus the criminal situation. June also tried to kill Day because he was the prime suspect for the death of Metias. But twist of events happened and they became the best lovers and the freakin' ending of Champion broke all of our hearts!

7. GINATAANG GULAY. Vegetables cooked in coconut milk. Name a book that is really sappy/emotional for you.

I was supposed to go for the most cliche answer to this kind of questions and pick The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, but I wouldn't. I'll pick My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga just because her book was a roller coaster ride of emotions. There are parts that would make you really really sad and then someone cracks a joke and you'll start to giggle. There are also parts that will make you question life, and rethink. There's also some serious talk about sadness, depression, and suicide in this book that would just make you pretty much sad. It's just a book with tons of emotions in it.

That wraps it up for this collab! It was really fun doing this kind of thing, to be honest. Don't forget to check out my answers on Matt's blog! And stay tuned for more bookish shenanigans. :)

And before I forget, I'm tagging the following people to do this AMAZING tag! Hello there, ate Salve from Cuckoo for Books, JM from Book Freak Revelations, ate Jasmine Raymundo, and EVERYONE who wants to do this fun tag!


  1. This tag is amazing! I'd love to do this soon in my blog as well :)

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    1. Thanks so much! We had tons of fun making this!