Tuesday, April 19, 2016

25 Bookish Facts About Me!

Gosh, I've been wanting to do this for a long time now! It's just that I've been so busy with stuff that I hadn't gotten around writing it. Anyway, here it is! 25 (hopefully) bookish facts about me! Wait. I want to thank Matt, from Reading With Luigi, for tagging me! 

1. I'm pretty much diverse.

Okay. This is a bit vague, but let me explain. You see, other readers would pick a specific genre to read, and they'll be iffy about trying others out. That's not me. If a synopsis can get me hooked, I'm hooked. I'll want to eat that book right away! (Half-kidding) You can find me reading high fantasy like A Game of Thrones (I've yet to do that, though), and then something chick-lit like Burn for Burn the next day. Sometimes I get confused, but hey - more fun, right? LOL.

2. I haven't DNF'ed a book.... YET.

I'm quite interested as to how it feels to DNF a book. I haven't done it, am not looking forward to it, and am kinda scared of it. It's gonna be a new experience for me when that happens. But let's just hope that it doesn't!

3. I prefer reading in this particular weather...............RAINY.

I love the rain. Whenever I see the dark, gray clouds above, I get happy. I'm not an emo guy (most of the time), but I somehow find comfort in the rain. Plus, it's cooler when it rains. And the sound of rain dropping is calming, especially when you read. 

4. I love Marvel.

Comics are technically books, hence the name "Graphic Novel". And yep, I love Marvel. I've read a handful of them, and I intend to read thousands more. New MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movie coming up? I'll want to read the comics about those characters. So yeah, if you want to ask about why T'Challa broke away from the Illuminati in New Avengers, hit me up! If you wanna know how Deadpool killed the Marvel Universe, don't ask me. YET.

5. I idolize Medusa.

In conjunction with number 4, I gladly admit that I love Queen Medusa, wife of King Blackagar, ruler of the Inhumans in New Attilan. She has this power of crazily controlling her hair. Make it grow, strangle people, the sort. And her attitude is the embodiment of sass!

6. I'm a poet.

7. And a short story writer.

8. I love going to bookish events.

Gah, I miss this, but it's because I've been sooooo busy with everything! But, I try to squeeze in bookish events in my schedule as much as possible.

9. I think 25 facts is too much.

BUT I'll accomplish this! I'm so sorry for being random.

10. I'll read anywhere.

In the train, at a restaurant with my family, at home, in school, in a car, in our school service, at the roof, in the bathroom, ANYWHERE. Literally, anywhere.

11. Where is my dream reading spot?

I'd love to read on top of a mountain. Someone take me!

12. I want to try New Adult.

I've only read Young Adult, but I've read one NA collection (forgot the title, sorry!) and the genre is so enticing! I think it's primarily because I'll get to see a new perspective in the fictional world, through the eyes of really in-the-process-of maturing characters.

13. I always have coffee when I read.

Caffeine. Period.

14. I love LGBT characters!

I just do! They're often quirky and funny, and I think that including them in the literature field is really empowering for our society. I'd like to give major kudos to #DiverseYA writers.

15. I like bad-ass heroines. (as long as they're on the right side)

I just love it when a female character is fierce and intense. More so when she undergoes major character development! Again, it's empowering for this world.

16. And bad-ass men just the same. (as long as they're on the right side)

17. Sometimes I separate the author from his/her work.

I don't want to judge a book based on an author. But sometimes I do. (rarely). It's just that, sure, I can't justify the author's actions, but I don't have to invalidate the work per se. If it's really engaging, I'll read it.

18. Indie books/self-published authors are amazing.

Sometimes we don't give them the credit that they deserve. For me, they're pretty awesome people! AND THEY ROCK!

19. I've never read the Percy Jackson series.

I don't think I'll ever read it (Except for the Lightning Thief). I'm sorry, it's just not my cup of tea.

20. I love reading classic books.

But only those with interesting plots. I just need the time to read them!

21. I love novels written in verse.

It's true. I think the value of poetry is something to behold with artistic interpretation. I don't want to go much deeper, but long-story-short, I like verse literature.

22. I also love manga.

YES I LOVE JAPAN. Manga has always been an integral part of my bookish life. I distinctly remember staying up until 5AM just to finish this manga. And don't ask me what manga that was......... *grimace*

23. Blogging is fun!

Whenever I get to share my experiences/thoughts about the anything bookish, it gives me this warm, tingly feeling. Blogging is fun!

24. I'm very vocal about books in real life.

Yes. I scream at friends about books that I love with matching bouts of "YAAAAAS". I'm weird. :(

25. I really love reading, but sometimes I'm too lazy and I miss it.

When I start to get on a reading marathon, it gets wild. But then my slumps are worse than anything on this planet, and I often get sad because I haven't been reading! I really love reading, though! And engaging with fellow readers!
This is quite a post. Gosh. Too many! But it was fun thinking of facts about myself when it comes to reading! If you've reached this, thank you for staying HAHA! Now you know (maybe) more about me. 

As for who I'll be tagging.... well of course, EVERYONE can do this!
But for the specifics, I'm tagging ate Salve from Cuckoo For Books 
And Czai, from The Blacksheep Project!


  1. I feel that LGBT characters are the most well-developed and realistic bunch! Also you should definitely post some of your writing cause I love reading other people's works. I do a lot of wattpad reading, let's just say! AND GAHHH I love Medusa as well. She's so misunderstood and people don't understand that she wasn't born that way but cursed by Athena ughh. She's also very lonely and she doesn't mean to turn you to stone >_< Lovely facts!

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. Yuuuup I post poetry on my blog! :) It's under "Poetry" LOL! And yes, I do agree with you about Medusa from Greek mythology......But I was referring to Queen Medusa here from Marvel's Inhumans! Haha! Sorry for the confusion :)

  2. I honestly want to be a diverse reader but I'm so moody I tend to set aside books.. but one of my personal goals is to get around every major genres. lol. I also don't DNF books. I mean I have books that I haven't finish but I plan to finish them. Just waiting for the right mood to read them. and I practically read anywhere as well. I even read while waiting in line in the LRT. hahaha

    Thanks for tagging me. 'll do my best to get around this post (it's summer vacation anyway :D).

    czai @ the Blacksheep Project

    1. YAAAAAAAS. I think we relate to each other on so many levels! :)

      No worries! Can't wait to read it!