Monday, February 8, 2016

Today I'm Sharing One Of My Poems For The Very First Time

It's gonna be my first time sharing with you guys one of the poems that I've written! Okay, some may have noticed that this is actually in my new year's resolution about blogging. No, I'm not trying to steal attention by posting unreal stuff. It's just that even if I'm a very secret-y person, I also want to try and let this side of me (the writer side) be exposed to people. I want to express the emotions that I deem "okay" enough to share. So yeah. I hope you find this poem "not bad". BE WARNED! SOME PROFANITY AHEAD!


You said that you were
As confused as the moon,
Who wishes to gaze upon the lands
And shine so brightly and so proudly
In this dark and shitty night,
But a moon who also wishes to be
Alone and incessant,
Maybe with some tears,
Maybe with a million.
Just to make a statement
To the clouds who shroud her
With abysmal darkness.

I said,
That I am confused as well.
Confused as the sun,
Always there,
Always waning,
Always compelling to be magnetized
Not only to you but also to the
Stars and clouds and skies and
Trees and oceans and mountains
Compelled to ask and wonder
What the hell is 
Bothering something--
As perfect as you?

The problem lies
Not with our stupidities
And misconceptions and ignorance.
In our inability to speak,
To actually send out sparks that will
Convey the meaning of our hearts.
That's the predicament.
We seem to pulsate just as much
As the Earth's core does.
We seem to swiftly and calmly
Go against all currents and tides.
We seem to be able to control gravity with
Our mere eyes.
We move worlds with our words.
We shift winds with our laughter.
Don't we?

Why is it that,
When I get angry and upset
Not at you, but on Circumstance,
(Well, sometimes at you.)
You seem to drift away,
Light years away?
Why do I get the feeling
Of being alone in this universe,
Still confused and left alone?
Don't I deserve someone,
A friend, per se, 
Who can also give their time and effort?
I seem not to. But I do.
I mean, I believe I do.

Then again, I'm just confused.
Confused as fuck.

Okay. I hope you liked this poem! Well, it's okay if you don't. I guess this won't be the last time you'd read my poems. Til next time!


  1. I like the poem. I like the references to planets and stars. Admittedly, I haven't read poetry in years. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thank you so much! Poetry has been my life-blood since 1st Grade, to be honest! :)