Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another Coming Back Post.... Hopefully.

There's no point in beating around the bush so I'll plunge right in.

Okay. It's been so long since my last last last post. As much as I hate to admit it, I've neglected this blog. I know it deserves attention, as it is an avenue for the expression of my opinions on literature. But..... it's hard.

Our schoolwork got really hectic recently, with me struggling to keep up with the piles of homework and tests and projects that need to be accomplished. It almost drowned me, so to say. Even our heavily-awaited Christmas break turned out to be free time for us to meet and do our group works. I'll be calling a spade a spade. I was tired. I got tired of being stressed and doing all those... Also, I got sidetracked. I'm preparing for a big event that I hope to pursue next year, but again, these academic constraints kinda prohibited me to do so.

I'd like to start the year by committing myself more to the blog, though. That's gonna be in my New Year's Resolution. I didn't want to go under a hiatus. In fact, I hated it. But it couldn't be helped. I love blogging for my opinion's sake, and I love connecting with people who share the same passion for books as I.

I hope  I can abide by his resolution!

P.S. Here's a photo with some of my Hi-Y (High school YMCA) friends! We attended the YMCA Conference last December 19-23 and it was superb! This was taken on the 23rd, at the QC City Hall.

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